Who are we?

Oasis Gardens is a 501(c)(5) agricultural-based gardens, farm and learning center. Our vision is to be an oasis for all needs, a place to recharge your health and well being, and learn ways to live sustainably and healthfully. 


Our Gardens

We have developed a retreat and learning center with spaces and places to come for an hour, a day, or longer. For work-stay, learn-stay, retreat-stay. Put your hands in dirt that has never had toxic chemicals or pesticides on it. We have gardens for growing food, produce, medicinal and culinary herbs, and kitchens for learning what to do with them. Quiet spaces for meditation and contemplation, yoga and tai chi. 


Our Places to Stay

We have cabins and off the ground sleeping quarters. We offer retreat stay, short stay, work stay or as long as you need stay. Click on the photo for more pictures of our accommodations. If interested in booking please click here


Our Classes

We offer classes on green house growing; extending your growing season. Gardening; from seed to table and preservation. Soil prep and composting. 


And more......

Mediation, tai-chi and yoga classes are also available. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we offer a range of classes to fulfill your needs. We have dedicated spaces that are peaceful, tranquil and filled with intoxicating energy.


Come to learn, work, teach… Come find your Oasis at Oasis Gardens.


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Oasis Gardens & Learning Center

3727 West Cobble Hollow Dr, Roosevelt, Utah 84066, United States

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