Our Founders

Carl and Jhoane Robinson


Carl and Jhoane Robinson, the founders of Cedar Bear Naturales herbal manufacturing, located in Roosevelt/Ballard on Highway 40, and have been working on the development of Oasis Gardens & Learning Center for several years now. Building on their years of experience in the world of natural health. They could see a huge gap that needed filling. “As herbalists and experts in natural health”, says Jhoane, “we’ve done radio shows throughout the U.S. with some of the best hosts out there. The consistent question they ask is, 'What can we do to improve our health? We don’t know how.' This propelled us to develop a hands on place where learning to live more health-fully could be experienced from its very roots, so to speak. I’m a clinical herbalist and formed our company Cedar Bear Naturales to produce the herbal products with the proprietary trade secret processes I and my team have developed through the last 35 years," said Carl. "As manufacturers of our own herbal products and for other companies we private label manufacture for, we source over 300 herbs from all over the world. We have been increasingly concerned about the fragility of the supply lines worldwide, and about how many herbs and foods are coming from other parts of the world and are not even grown in the U.S. Though a globalized economy has its merits, it has nevertheless resulted in unsustainable supply lines, with increasing dependence on other countries to provide many of our basic needs in the face of shrinking farmlands, depleted soils and nutrition in our foods, spiraling costs of living, and increases in stress related illnesses, the list goes on. We felt the need to do our part to help change this, and there is no better way than through doing it.”

“The last few generations, including ours, have been losing the knowledge and experience of how to do many basic things, growing their own food, preserving it, even cooking itself," said Jhoane. "We want to help people revive those skills and are providing an environment for learning by doing. We recently received the non-profit status for our project that we call Oasis Gardens and Learning Center. Oasis Gardens is a 501(c)(5) agricultural-based gardens farm and learning center. Our vision is to be an oasis for all needs, a place to recharge your health and well-being, learn ways to live more sustainably and healthfully.  A place where your inner and outer self can learn to not just survive, but to thrive. Oasis Gardens project is located on 35 acres west of Roosevelt, Utah just off of State Highway 40, where Carl and Jhoane have developed a retreat and learning center with spaces and places to come for an hour, a day, or longer for work-stay, learn-stay, retreat-stay, and put your hands in dirt that has never had toxic chemicals or pesticides on it.“An important part of our vision is to become part of the movement to create a cleaner, healthier, less stressful world," Jhoane said. "It’s about living more organically and chemical-free and supporting the practices of Grow Local/Buy Local and Seed-to-Table, and helping people becoming the ‘primary care provider’ in their own home.

"We have gardens for growing food produce, medicinal and culinary herbs, with kitchens for learning what to do with them, and we will be holding herbal medicine education and courses, as well. There are also quiet spaces for meditation and contemplation, yoga and tai-chi. "We are looking to develop a network of dedicated people to join with us to actively help build this better world here, now, in the Basin. There is a saying, 'The first step to regaining ‘lost’ knowledge is starting with one’s self.' Creating a better world starts with the individual."